Table of Contents


Prologue: The Slippery Slope of Robotics

Introduction: The Rise of Transhumanism

Chapter 1: Keeping the Human in the New Human

Chapter 2: With Both Eyes Open: Facing the Frankensteinian Nightmare

A Note on Metamodernism and the Irony of Contemporary Art

Chapter 3: The Problem with Normal Brains: Neuroscience and its Follies

Chapter 4: A New Humanism in the Age of High Tech

The Power of Paradox
Literary Insights

Chapter 5: From the New Humanism to Awe: It’s Time for a Cross-Cultural Spirituality

Transhumanism and Terror: A Conceivable Crossroad
The Spirituality of Awe and Transhumanism: Another Conceivable Crossroad
Childhood and High Tech: Starting Out With Awe
Awe-based Education and High Tech
Morality and High Tech
Awe and the Science and Technology Sector
Awe, High Tech and Religiosity
Awe, Technology and Government

Chapter 6: How an Awe-based Society Might Look: The Depth Approach to Transhumanism

Prizing Awe on a Par with Technology
The New Army of Depth Healers
The Intercultural Spirituality of Awe
The Intercultural Impact of Awe
Two Examples of an Awe-based Dialogue Process
An Awe-based Dialogue with Diverse Members of a Community
An Awe-based Dialogue Between a Black Activist and a White Police Officer

Chapter 7: Can Robotics Inspire Awe? Conversations with a Friend

What About the Capacity of High Tech to Heal?

Chapter 8: Computers, Bliss and the Conflict-free Self

The Robotics Already Here: Drugs, Consumerism, Militarism, Fundamentalism
and Virtual Reality

Chapter 9: Imagine a World…

Chapter 10: Conclusion: What Then Can Be Done? 15 Urgent


Final Thoughts