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Spirituality of Awe: Challenges to the Robotic Revolution

Burning Man: Awe, Ritual and Risk [Aug. 9, 2017]

On this podcast from the Burning Man Philosophical Center, Kirk J. Schneider discusses the importance of awe, what it stands to teach us and how to cultivate it in the face of sweeping tech and forces that isolate us from one another and ourselves.

 Kirkus Reviews: The Spirituality of Awe [Aug. 1, 2017]
Kirkus Reviews Kirk Schneider Kirk J . Schneider The Spirituality of Awe

Read Kirkus’ review of my newest book, The Spirituality of Awe. It’s readable in place and in full below. Find the original here.

Kirkus Reviews: The Spirituality of Awe by Kirk J. Schneider

Psychology of Terrorism with Dr. Carlos [June 18, 2017]

Existential crisis and terrorism: An interview with Dr. Kirk J. Schneider


Listen to “Existential crisis and terrorism w/ Dr. Schneider” on Spreaker.

    • Interview on Awakening to Awe with Reverend Linda Anderson and joined by Mark Stern, September 22, 2009, Vassar College Radio

    • Interview on Awakening to Awe with Bill Ayers, WPLJ Radio, New York. [Nov. 8, 2009]

    • Interview on Awakening to Awe with Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio [Nov. 2, 2009]


See my interviews with PsychAlive on The Polarized Mind and Awakening to Awe: An Existential-Humanistic Approach to Therapy. Above is a sample from the series available on YouTube.

Interview with Thom Hartmann for “The Big Picture” program, Free Speech TV and RT TV

American Psychological Association Interview with Kirk Schneider, Ph.D. on Existential-Humanistic Therapy
For the full interview go to

Psychotherapy and the Mystery of Being
Recorded at the International Conference on Personal Meaning, Toronto Canada, July 25, 2008 by TV Ontario’s “Big Ideas” program.