• The Struggle for Awe in a Robotic Age: Why It Is So Urgent Now, Psychology Today, May, 2017
  • Bringing Awe-Based Consciousness to Psychotherapy, Winter 2011 25th Anniversary issue of Tikkun
  • Enchanted Agnosticism, July/August 2003 issue of Tikkun
  • The Case for Existential Psychotherapy – Most of our troubles as human beings are traceable to one overriding problem: our suspension in the groundlessness of existence.
  • Through the Lens of Awe – This is a brief article on the nature and power of awe that will give the reader a glimpse of the much deeper treatment of the subject in my new book “Awakening to Awe: Personal Stories of Profound Transformation.”
  • Toward a Sustainable Myth of Self – I include this article by Louis Hoffman and colleagues because it is one of the best statements of my and Rollo May’s philosophical position that I have ever read. It also shows the direct lineage between my perspective on “the paradoxical self” and May’s “cry” for a sustainable, existentially informed apprehension of self.
  • Lure of Excess – This article gives readers a brief introduction to an existential understanding of horror and violence. Note especially the interplay of despair, fanaticism, and wonderment in the nature and development of extreme states. For an elaboration on these themes, see my book “Horror and the Holy: Wisdom-teachings of the Monster Tale.”
  • Summary of the Experiential Democracy Proposal – Blog from the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Network

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Articles by Kirk J. Schneider, PhD

Struggle for Awe in a Robotic Age: Why It Is So Urgent Now. Psychology Today

Bringing Awe-Based Consciousness to Psychotherapy. Tikkun, Winter 2011 25th anniversary issue.

Enchanted Agnosticism. Tikkun, July/August 2003.

The Case for Existential Psychotherapy. Psychology Today

Through the Lens of Awe. Spirituality and Health

Toward a Sustainable Myth of Self.Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

Experiential Democracy Project: The Lure of Excess. The Psychologists for Social Responsibility Network

Spirituality of Awe: Now in Paperback

Spirituality of Awe