The Spirituality of Awe

Challenges to the Robotic Revolution

     The robotic revolution is here and there’s no going back.

     From the way we raise our children to our work settings, our governments, even our wars, the the quick-fix, instant-results society is roiling our world. What is lost in all the delirium is depth, the awesomeness, not just of our machines, but of our flesh, our capacity to feel, and our capacity to dwell in the miracle of the unknown. This book dwells in the miracle of the unknown. It is an intimate trek into the evolving spirituality of awe–the humility and wonder; sense of adventure toward life.

     Can we preserve awe –the arguable heart of humanity — in spite of and even in light of our technologies? Or will we devolve into mechanically driven puppets, numb to our possibilities, blind to our servitude?

     There is no more critical problem for our age.

Advance praise for The Spirituality of Awe

I am personally inspired by Schneider’s ethical approach to maintaining one’s human heritage in the new society.

Robert Firestone, Ph.D., author of  Overcoming the Destructive Inner Voice (Prometheus, 2017)

Creates a new vision of where we are heading and how we may change direction before it’s too late. Fascinating and essential reading.

Emmy van Duerzen, Ph.D., New School for Psychotherapy and Counseling. Author of Existential Psychotherapy and Counseling in Practice (Sage, 2013)

A beautiful and important work.

Pninit Russo Netzer, Ph.D., Researcher and Lecturer, University of Haifa; co-editor of Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology (Springer, 2014)

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